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1-of-1 New Air Jordan 4 PE Mens Basketball Shoes

Richard Hamilton has been a longtime Jordans 2017 athlete, and recently he shared one of his exclusive Air Jordans on Instagram. This 1-of-1 Air Jordan 4 PE for Mark Wahlberg was created by Mache Customs and features a black nubuck upper with green accents on the midsole and eyelets. The Wahluburgers logo appears on the heel and tongue with the tongue logo also being a removable patch that reads "Wahlberg 1 of 1" when removed.
Recently, New Jordans 2016 officially released five autumn shoes, all with the classic Air Jordan 5 different color release, and together into the "Five for fall" series. The five shoes color inspired by Jordan wonderful dunk, respectively, red, blue, camouflage, white and black shoe body rendering. This Air Jordan 4 PE is apparently a 1-of-1 colorway that comes dressed in the Detroit Pistons' team colors. Featuring a White leather upper paired with Red and Blue accents along with speckled detailing.
Cheap Jordans 2017, After Richard Hamilton and MJ put their infamous beef aside, the former NBA shooting guard received some of the most memorable Air Jordan PEs throughout his career. Hamilton was one of the premier athletes of his time and always laced up a clean pair that often times included his "Rip City" monicker. Today brings a first look at this Air Jordan 4 PE with a primarily white upper highlighted by Detroit Pistons red and blue that matched the uniform Rip spent most of his playing days in.

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