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Nike Kyrie 3 "Raygun" Kyrie Irving PE For 2017

Cheap Jordans 2017, Kyrie Irving and the Swoosh keep pumping out amazing PEs of the Kyrie 3 and this time they are tipping their hats to a Nike Skateboarding classic. one of the most memorable SB Dunks of all-time. The Roswell Rayguns were a fictional ABA basketball team from the late 70's created by Nike, with Vince Carter as "Dr. Funk" leading the squad. The Raygun mascot made a return in 2013 as part of Nike's "Area 72" concept for All-Star Weekend, but Kyrie Irving's PE is a clear take on the skateboarding shoe (which also ties into Kyrie's hobby of skating when he was a kid).
New Jordans 2016, Kyrie Irving has just unveiled another exclusive Nike Kyrie 3. Known as the Nike Kyrie 3 Raygun PE, this pair might look familiar as it's inspired by the Nike SB Dunk Low Raygun which launched back in 2005. The design was inspired by Nike's made-up ABA team, the Roswell Rayguns which includes an alien placed by the heel. Dressed in a Black and Orange Flash color combination. Black covers the toe, midsole and Nike Swoosh while Orange and Yellow land on the base. Finishing the look we have White on the laces and outsole.
KD 10 For Sale, Originally released on the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro in 2005, this colorway is inspired by a fictional basketball team, the Roswell Rayguns, from an old Nike Basketball commercial. Since his departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving has shared a few Celtics-inspired PE editions of his Nike Kyrie 3 silhouette. This time around, "Uncle Drew" ditches the legendary green and digs into the Nike SB archives with a new PE. Irving's latest sneaker showcase receives inspiration from the "Raygun" colorway of the Nike SB Dunk Low. Coming full circle, the Dunk's original design stems from a fictional basketball team dubbed the Roswell Rayguns. The fake team was used to announce Vince Carter's signing with Nike in which he went under the character of "Dr. Funk."

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